Famous Members Of The Baby Boomer Generation.

The baby boomer generation are considered to be those born in the twenty or so years after World War Two ended, and the world at large saw a massive boom in the population as it recovered from the devastating affects of war on such a large scale.

Becoming Familiar With Baby Boomer Generation Members

It really is little wonder that with such a massive addition to the population, the world has heard of more than a few of the baby boomer generation members, and many of them have gone on to make a huge impact on the world they grew up in.

The baby boomer generation years started in about 1943, and just a few years later in forty six two bouncing baby boys were born, and both would go on to become President’s of the United States of America, both to be remembered forever on the pages of history books.

Bill Clinton was born in the August of that year, and took his place in the White House in 1993, becoming the 42nd President, and serving his country for the eight years that followed, and was the first of the baby boomer generation members to become president.

When he left office, he was replaced by the second member of the baby boomer generation to become president, George W Bush, who took his office in 2001 and served his eight years until 2009 becoming the 43rd president, and following in the footsteps of his father George H W Bush the 41st president of the United States of America.

His replacement is also considered part of the baby boomer generation, although some would say only just, as there was debate and controversy over the actually dates that qualify a birth as part of the boom, however most people are happy to concur that the baby boomer generation ended in 1964.

If this is to be accepted, then 44th president Barack Obama is certainly a member of the baby boomer generation as he was born in 1961, and came to office 2009, where he remains in office, early into his service, and his election and campaign caused much media coverage and controversy, being the first coloured president.

Those in England also saw their future prime minister born into the baby boomer generation, Tony Blair was born in 1953, and was elected to lead his party in office in 1997, where he remained in office for ten years until 2007 when he chose to resign and hand control of the country to Gordon Brown.