Landmark Events Of The Baby Boomer Generation Years

The baby boomer generation years followed the end of World War 2 so it comes as no surprise that the world saw many changes and events in those twenty or so years, that we are all familiar with and will be remembered for ever.

It is thought that the baby boomer generation characteristics were those of a generation of change, prepared to fight back from the oppressions of war suffered by their parents, and that thanks to them the world became a freer and more liberated place.

The baby boomer generation years are thought to have started sometime after 1943, although as ever with these things there is some debate on the actual start, however there were certainly lots of things both bad and good happening across the globe.

Events To Hit The Baby Boomer Generation Years

One such event to hit the baby boomer generation years was the sudden and shocking assassination of Mahatma Gandhi in India, which happened in 1948, and left the world reeling, Ghandi was an iconic figure, a great leader with a non violent belief and can be described by most as a small bald man with glasses dressed in white robes.

It was during the baby boomer generation years that the world witnessed the US detonating the world’s first hydrogen bomb, in the same year the US also started work on building the first nuclear submarine, the dawn of the nuclear era, the year was 1952.

However the baby boomer generation years were not always full of bad things, lots of good made an appearance too, along with the trivial, such as the music the world wanted to hear, when in 1950 the musical ‘Guys and Dolls’ was presented for the first time, and is still a popular classic today.

On a lighter note still, a famous magazine was launched to the men of the baby boomer generation years, ‘Playboy’ hit the shelves in 1959, and the star of the show, and first ever centrefold girl was Marilyn Monroe; the magazine is still popular today with many leading ladies praying for their chance to star.

Sadly just three years later the baby boomer generation years were rocked by the news that the iconic Marilyn Monroe has been found dead, an overdose of sleeping pills is suspected, and with her death comes the shocking revelations that her life was far from happy, and her death was recorded as probable suicide, although accidental death cannot be ruled out. English musician Sir Elton John later writes and records his number one song ‘Candle in the Wind’ as a tribute.