The Post Baby Boomer Generation Bring Technology To The World.

The post baby boomer generation are the children of the original post war baby boomers, who were born between 1943 and 1960, and were part of a sudden explosion in the number of births recorded, thought to be a direct result of war ceasing.

Those born into the post baby boomer generation have been lucky enough to have bee born in to an ever-changing world in terms of the fast moving pace of the technological advances made, and the progress made in the scientific and medical worlds, in fact it seems to be constantly changing.

Surfing The Post Baby Boomer Generation

The baby boomers years did not have such things at the internet, it was still a twinkle in the sky of technology when they were growing up but they were certainly part of the group that brought the world wide web to the masses, and the post baby boomer generation couldn’t get enough.

For most members of the post baby boomer generation, their early years would also have been internet free, with computers just starting to creep in as they progressed through school and college, many may have found the introduction of the internet coinciding with them starting work.

Cell phones started to make their appearance but started as large chunky handsets that weren’t really that mobile, however the mobile phone technology jumped on to an express train, and before long the mobile phone is a device that very few people of the post baby boomer generation live without.

The same can be said for the computer devices themselves, with the post baby boomer generation living through the dawn of computers and watching them literally shrink in front of their eyes, as the PC technology also got mobile, and laptops came into the markets, now with huge ranges.

The post baby boomer generation are very much part of this revolution, as these are the whiz kids that reached the age of work at just the right time to take the baton and run with it, and how they have run, developing technologies that the baby boomers could never have even dreamt about, and they are not done yet, and are starting to pass the baton onto the next generation.

Its safe to say that many baby boomers are in on it though, with their reputation for having some of the best business minds, you can be sure that the CEO of many of the leading technological companies is not a post baby boomer generation member, but a member of the original baby boomers themselves.