What Happened During the Years of the Baby Boomer Decade?

The years of the baby boomer decade saw a significant impact in the shaping of our nation’s history. From the middle of the last century to the current generation, the baby boomers have made a difference in the types of home that were built, the cars that were manufactured and the policies that were shaped in our government. This article will cover some of the reasons why these generations played such an important role in the makeup of our country today.

What are the Years of the Baby Boomer Decade?

The term “decade” is somewhat misleading when it comes to describing the years of the baby boomer decade. In fact, the general train of though is that the baby boomers were born on or between the years 1946 and 1964; a span of 18 years rather than 10. The first half of the baby boomers were old enough to remember the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy. This generation was greatly influenced by Vietnam and Watergate.

On the other hand, those born in the later years of the baby boomer decade were raised on rock music and recreational drugs. Sex became a much more casual affair and alternative lifestyles were embraced. This generation saw life much differently than the early baby boomers, although the two have almost as many commonalities as differences.

The years of the baby boomer decade occurred after the end of World War II. The people that had survived the Great Depression and a difficult war were in active pursuit of the American Dream when they came home from battle. The GI Bill was established to give WWII veterans a chance to purchase a home and get a higher education. This set the stage for the parents of the baby boomers to get a slice of the American pie that had eluded them to this point.

The influx of troops from the war resulted in marriages, home purchases and the creation of families. It was not unusual for multiple women on a single street to be pregnant at the same time. The years of the baby boomer decade were born. The demand for affordable housing led to the establishment of suburbia, complete with track homes and strip malls. The surge of the baby boomer age also led to more schools and shopping centers being built to accommodate the needs of growing families.

Today, the years of the baby boomer decade are still influencing what goes on in our country today. It is estimated that 76 million baby boomers are living in the United States, making up about 29% of our total population. As the generations are getting older, focus is shifting to travel, retirement communities and anti-aging products. The impact of the years of the baby boomer decade may continue to be felt for generations to come.