Precautions To Take When You Buy Contact Lenses Online

When you need to buy contact lenses, the best place to do so is the internet. Most people now buy contact lenses online. The reason for this is the convenience of online shopping, the range of options available and the great prices that are to be found when you buy contact lenses online. But while buying contact lenses online is easy and safe, there are some precautions you need to take. These are just a few simple common sense steps, but it is surprising how often people tend to overlook them.

Keep Your Prescription Ready When You Buy Contact Lenses Online

The prescription must be up to date. While some states define the validity of the prescription, a safe rule to follow before you buy contact lenses online is that it should not be more than six months old. You will have to give details of your prescription when ordering contact lenses online. Besides the technical details of the power of the lenses etc. you may also have to give your name, the contact lens brand, type and material (perhaps whether other brands and materials can be used), your doctor’s name, whether the lenses are for daily or extended wear, the date when the prescription expires and, in the case of disposable lenses, the number of refills to be supplied. Always be accurate when supplying this information –it can make the difference as to whether your effort to buy contact lenses online ends in success or not.

Also, when you buy contact lenses online, the suppliers are required by law to have your doctor confirm the prescription so giving his full address, phone and email contact details is essential.

When You Buy Contact Lenses Online Make Sure You Get What You Order

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns that some online sellers supply brands that are not what was ordered. The FDA recommends that when you buy contact lenses online you insist that you are given written confirmation of all the technical aspects of the lenses including the brand name, lens name, power, cylinder, axis, sphere, diameter, peripheral curves and base curve. You do not need to understand all this. You need only to compare these specs with your prescription to ensure that your action to buy contact lenses online has resulted in your getting exactly what you ordered. You should also ask for details of the manufacturer’s care and maintenance policies. These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and not following them can void the warranty.

All in all it makes sense to buy contact lenses online as long as you take the right precautions to ensure that what you get is what you asked for.