Automotive Electronic Repair As Applied To AC Systems

Most modern vehicle air conditioning systems and their associated repairs are best left to professional mechanics and technicians who have the necessary technical know how and experience to handle successfully their repair. The ability to detect and fix small car air conditioning related issues can actually save you a lot of expensive repairs and related headaches, which means that you will be able to have spare cash to spend elsewhere. Listed below are simple electronic related problems of a car AC system that can be done or repaired at home and thus eliminate unnecessary trips to the garage.

Failure of the AC system to not cool properly can be because of various related problem such as the following. Wiring problem or a blown fuse that is diagnosed to be so if the clutch happens to have problems engaging. This can be taken care of through fuse replacement, although a recurrence of the same is bound to happen soon if proper diagnostic is not carried out. Faulty magnetic clutch is also responsible for this especially in case where a power input to the clutch still does not get the compressor working.

Most compressors that have broken down have their belts emit funny sounds. Should the compressor still not work even after verifying that the clutch is in a good working order, it should be replaced forthwith. Most mechanics bear witness that leaking refrigerant is a very common problem associated with AC systems repair and maintenance. Leaks happen through seal and hose connections and so their stemming can only be done through the replacement of O-rings hoses and seals and the additional fitting of electronic detectors.

Intermittent cooling is a problem associated with AC systems of most vehicles where the system spews out both cold and warm gushes of air alternately and it is caused by moisture or air trapped in the system. Intermittent cooling problem in most AC systems of vehicles is effectively solved with vacuum cleaners that suck out the trapped air in the system.

Various electrical faults like compressor clutches, temperature sensors, control modules and relays/switches that are damaged are also responsible for intermittent cooling. Most AC systems emit noises that are because of compressor problems, rattling hoses and other parts, wrong lubricant type and a refrigerant that is cross contaminated. Bad odors from AC systems are another shortcoming that is a result of bacteria in the evaporator. It requires disinfectants to be sprayed into the blower ducts or evaporator.