Car AC Systems Repair As Intertwined With Automotive Electronic Repair

AC repairs of vehicles require an elaborate and meticulous plan of action, which is preferably handled, by a qualified mechanic or technician to avoid the air conditioning system developing more issues or even being rendered a write off. The ability to detect and fix small car air conditioning related issues can actually save you a lot of expensive repairs and related headaches, which means that you will be able to have spare cash to spend elsewhere. Below are some common problems associated with electronics of air conditioning systems of cars as well as how they can be repaired at home.

Failure of the AC system to not cool satisfactorily can result due to various reasons: After you AC is switched on, the clutch presents engagement problems. This can be solved on a temporary basis by installing a new fuse, which does not however address the underlying problem to avoid recurrence. Another cause for this is a magnetic clutch that is defective especially if it does not power the compressor even after being fed with an input voltage.

Belts that have funny sounds during operation characterize damaged compressors. Should the compressor still not work even after verifying that the clutch is in a good working order, it should be replaced forthwith. Leaking refrigerant is the most common repair of AC that is reported in car repair shops. This problem can be addressed through a variety of methods that include hose, O-ring and seal replacement plus the installation of electronic detectors.

Car AC systems also have intermittent cooling problems which means that get bursts of alternate hot and cool air which is usually caused by a system that has moisture or air trapped in. Vacuum pumps are known to be efficient in eliminating this problem of intermittent cooling by doing away with the trapped moisture and or air through their sucking action.

Defects or problems in compressor clutches, relay/switches that are not working, control modules and temperature sensors are various electrical faults that are responsible for intermittent cooling. Noise in AC systems is widespread and it is due to a variety of factors, which include compressor problems, poor lubricant choice, refrigerant contamination and loose hoses and other parts. Bad odors from AC systems are another shortcoming that is a result of bacteria in the evaporator. This can easily be solved by deploying disinfectants in to the evaporator and blower ducts.