Alternative Cleaner Methods – Wind Energy Generator

The world is screaming for cleaner energy to be produced as the fossil fuels such as coal and Uranium are either close to depleted or cannot be reproduced fast enough to meet the demands of the energy required to keep the lights on anymore. Alternative cleaner methods are being used to increase power to some countries around the world, such as the wind energy generator. This wind energy generator is powered by windmills that are standing in the North Sea by the hundreds to serve as a cleaner alternative energy to power some of the neighboring countries.

Although maintenance is still required for the wind energy generator, it does not deplete any fossil fuels at all, since the winds in the North Sea are so abundant, they should hypothetically never stop turning, therefore producing constant power.
Electricity Is Not A Source Of Life
Even though electricity seems to be a basic need, it is not. A demand was created and now mankind relies on it. Electricity is not the source of life, water is. More and more people are trying to use alternative wind energy generator to power their homes. By having a windmill on your property can supplement your electricity supply, but should be used in conjunction with other cleaner methods such as hydro and solar power. Tapping into Mother Nature’s free gifts allows us to create power making a cleaner environment and more guaranteed than using fossil or nuclear energy to power our homes. 
The Latest Concept

This whole concept is classified today as new wind energy, actually it is one of the oldest methods of pumping water out the ground, and since it does not take much ingenuity to turn the wind into electricity with a couple of goodies that can be bought, it can be done at every home. Besides having a wind energy generator, to create power all you need is a motor, which actually creates the electricity. Then you need a converter as the power is alternate current and needs to be converted to direct current. If you wish to store this electricity build up, it should be stored in batteries, which have a longer life span, for when power sources are low, or for backup or convenience of mobility. The same principles are used for solar power and hydropower, as they all need to be converted to be used in the home or business. It is time for homeowners to start generating their own electricity to help save the planet, and not rely on others for their power source at ridiculous prices for the supply.