Choosing A Clean Energy Source

Clean energy is all the rage right now; in theory it seems like a good idea with benefits for everyone. Not only does it help the environment, consumers can also benefit from lower electricity bills. In practice however this does not always work out. The high cost of installing a clean energy source such as solar or wind power may cancel out any monthly savings on your electricity bill.

Then there is the practicality of using solar, wind, and other clean energy sources in your home. Not all of us can afford the high installation cost. Even when cost is not the issue sometimes an area is not suitable for a particular green energy. So how can you still help reduce carbon emissions while staying within your budget? You can do both with a little ingenuity.

The Right Power Sources

Your electricity supplier plays a big part in whether you can have access to a clean energy source. Traditionally power companies produce energy by burning fossil fuels, limiting the choices for consumers who want to go green. However some states now require power companies to supply electricity using renewable energy sources.

Sometimes this means that there are different electricity companies in your state and some of them may offer a clean energy source for electricity. However this practice does not extend to all states. The EPA now has helpful links to different renewable energy resources available in each state.

Do It Yourself

For those who are handy with a toolbox there is another option when it comes to finding a clean energy source, you can make your own solar heater. More and more people are experimenting and designing solar panels that power some parts of the house or provide hot water for the home.

There are many simple designs for solar panels that can be used to power up some parts of the house. The best part is that this clean energy source is relatively inexpensive to set up. You can skip the expensive installation associated with solar panels and get right to the savings on your electricity bill.

Alternatively you can buy a solar panel or wind turbine system to harness a clean energy source but keep it on a small scale. You may not be able to power your whole house but you may be able to make a significant difference in your energy consumption. When coupled with energy efficiency throughout the house this is a very viable way to enjoy a clean energy source.