Could Nuclear Energy Really Be The Power For The Future?

What really constitutes nuclear energy is a result of fission (the splitting of the nucleus) and fusion (coming together of the nucleus) and nucleic decay of the nucleus of an atom. It may sound intricate and complicated and indeed it is so. But for scientists it translates to nothing more than poetic energy which describes the nature and the exquisite form of a molecule.

The wealth reaped from the nuclear power energy has made many a nations rich as nuclear energy can be manipulated to transform simple lead to gold.

Bloody Riches Of Nuclear Energy

This then begs the question of the real motive over the nuclear energy war in Iran. The commercialised use of nuclear energy has sparked greed from wealthy nations globally. Just as the greed and search for diamonds in Africa has killed many innocent people, are we then expected to assume that we need to prepare for the new age genocide over nuclear energy?

Currently the Security Council imposed harsh sanctions over the abuse of nuclear energy in Korea. The bombastic display of power by rich nations over who can blast the biggest nuclear weapon poses serious concerns on us as human species as to the peaceful application of nuclear energy.

Could it really be so idealistic to assume that in a society based on tolerance and the sanctity of human life, that there could still be sickening greed for power that blood of civilians has to be shed in the pursuit of nuclear power?

Is it so idealistic to assume that the power display of nuclear energy blast and tests and nuclear energy wars be the solution? In our rational understanding, the use of nuclear energy as a form of force does not heal wounds but open news one. Surely we should have learnt something form Hiroshima. That, my good person, is the legacy and power of nuclear energy.

Lessons can be learnt from countries such as New Zealand which as nuclear free policy.

Yes, perhaps, the nature friendly way of harvesting gold as opposed to mining and scaring the earth for it riches lay on the solution called nuclear energy and its manipulation.

Surely the use of nuclear energy has to be a subject that needs some serious debate if we really care about the earth we live in, the sanctity of human life we treasure and the legacy we want to leave for the future generation