Home Wind Energy – The Cheap Energy Saving Solution

With many contraptions and inventions popping up in all four corners of the earth, the best thus far is the home wind energy.
How Do These Home Energy Turbines Work?
A home wind energy turbine, is installed on top of a tall tower or prop installed at your home, which collects kinetic energy (which is energy possessed by an object resulting from motion of that object) from the wind and converts it to electricity that is compatible with a home’s electrical system.
For normal home use, the home wind energy serves up simultaneously by the wind turbine of the home wind energy to a local convenience for the hose hold gear If the wind speeds are below cut-in speed (7-10 mph) there will be no output from the turbine supplying home wind energy and all of the needed power is purchased from the utility. As wind speeds increase, home wind energy turbine output increases and the amount of power proportionately decreased. When the home wind energy turbine produces more power than the house needs, the extra electricity is sold to the utility. All of this is done automatically. There are no batteries in a modern home wind energy generator.
How Does The System Save Money
The home wind energy turbine typically lowers your electricity bill by 50 to 90 percent, and has a potential to lower electric bills to a monthly average of $10 to $20 for the year. The amount of money a small home wind energy turbine saves you in the long run will depend upon its cost, the amount of electricity you use, the average wind speed at your site, and other factors.
Things one needs to consider before installing a home wind energy system A home wind energy system is a rather large piece of equipment and is not ideally suitable for urban homes. With an except of course of the very small home wind energy turbines which requires a property size of approximately one acre or more..
The financial side of a home wind energy system is very sensitive to the average wind speed in the area, and to a lesser extent, the cost of purchasing electricity. As a general rule of thumb, at an average of 10 mph wind speed one will be paying about 10 cents/kWh for electricity. Home wind energy systems are popular in many states.
The Environmental Impact Of Using A Home Wind Energy System
Home wind energy turbines produce no pollution. Over its life, a small home wind energy turbine can offset approximately 1.2 tons of air pollutants and 200 tons of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide and other gases which cause climate change). And as a bonus, the home wind energy system does not require regular maintenance as they are generally designed to have a life span of 20 years
Should you then need to consider an earth friendly way to generate electricity at a small scale, you might need to consider this system.