New Wind Energy – As Old As Time Itself

Re-inventing The Wheel

Scientists and governments call it new wind energy, as long as all of us can remember there has been wind since the dawn of time. Instead of having harnessed this new wind energy over the years to supply the demand of electrical power to countries, other methods of using nature’s resources under the ground have been consumed instead.

The fossil fuels are running low, and the demand for alternative cleaner, renewable energy is now in demand, and only now we have new wind energy available. Now we are chasing time to produce energy in the form of nuclear reactors still, and still wasting precious time and not focusing on cleaner new wind energy, hydro energy and solar energy which are abundant and for free.

Yes we will have to pay for these services too, but they are renewable and cleaner for the planet, not leaving as bigger carbon footprint as fossil fuels do. Less pollution and cleaner air to breathe is what we want at the same time.
On The Tables
The concept of new wind energy has been laid on the tables to generate power more and more in today’s society. Unfortunately we have not created perpetual energy yet to power the world. It could be a good thing, but also a bad idea as someone would need to control it and that would just mean a power struggle between countries for control itself, like world domination.
When Will We Learn?

The time has come that all sources of new wind energy, hydro energy and solar energy have to be harnessed, as the planet can only take so much abuse from mankind and will force itself to renew itself on its own. Warning signs have already been given for the course of destruction of the planet. History shows that the planet changes to renew and restore itself, but man continues to want power through intellect, therefore destroying it at the same time.  But do not fear 2012 is coming and as we have been warned by the ancestors, we hope to have a new home after the self destruction has occurred for self-rejuvenation. Will we then only open our eyes to learn not to destroy this wonderful place we call earth, home? It is inevitable that the planet will do this on its own, there is no need for us to battle for power, when we all have continuous power around us for free, and we just need to learn to harness it for ourselves to not allow others to have control over our so-called basic necessities.