What Is Renewable Energy And How Is It Used?

Everyone is looking to go green these days. They want to help protect our environment and stop damaging it with things like smoke and smog and a thousand other things that end up hurting our earth. But the problem is, we use the things that cause harm to the earth because we need them – because they provide some sort of energy. And we can’t function without energy, so what are our options? It’s simple: renewable energy.

What Is It?

Basically, renewable energy is any kind of energy that is generated by renewable energy resources – as in, it naturally replenishes itself without any kind of human intervention needed. We have access to multiple sources of energy these days – sunlight, wind power, geothermal heat. We also have access to water power – any kind of moving water, even if it’s rain or tides, can generate energy as well as long as it’s moving something.

In 2006, 18% of the energy being used to power the world came from a renewable resource. Wind power in particular is becoming increasingly common and popular; it’s widely used both in the United States and Europe.

How Do We Obtain It?

Every method of obtaining energy is a little bit different depending on where we’re getting it from. Renewable energy that comes from wind, for instance, is obtained by using wind turbines. These turbines are set up in particularly windy areas – mountaintops and in the ocean are the most common places – and they generate some energy as they turn. It’s worth noting, however, that wind energy can be inconsistent because wind does not blow at the same rate all the time. Obtaining renewable energy from wind power exudes no greenhouse gases.

Renewable energy from water, also called hydropower, is obtained in different ways. It also yields a lot more renewable energy than wind power does. There are many different ways of obtaining renewable energy from hydropower – including using waves and tides to generate electricity. Basically, all methods of obtaining hydropower involve using the water’s motion to generate renewable energy.

Renewable energy from solar power, meanwhile, is generated by really doing nothing. Power cells that absorb sunlight are placed out so they can be exposed to the sun and the cells absorb the renewable energy, store it and put it out when it’s needed.

There are a few other methods of obtaining renewable energy but these are the most common.