Job Interview Preparation

Preparing for job interview requires having the in-depth knowledge of your skills, achievements and experiences. Keep in mind that in the competitive business world, there are hundreds of highly qualified professionals seeking jobs, and it is essential to make yourself stand out. Facing the interview can be quite tough, but with a little preparation, some of the associated stress can be alleviated. When preparing for the job interview, learn some facts about the company such as how is it organized, its main products, main competitors, advertising campaigns, sales figures, and so on.

To begin with, make sure that you have checked your resume for typos, and it is well structured, highlighting your experience and skills relevant to the job. Dressing up well is going to create the first impression, even before you can speak anything about yourself, hence make sure to get dressed in the tidy, neat and appropriate interview attire as per the type of industry you are interviewing for. For the interview, always carry the necessary documentation such as extra copies of your resume, copies of your driver’s license, passport, Social Security Number and samples of your writing or other professional work. Start practicing for the interview questions and answers, even before any interview is scheduled.

In some interviews, candidates are asked to give an impromptu presentation, recite a poem or solve a case study. Do not think that no one notices the small details, so dress elegantly, without being flashy. Be prepared to give a brief outline of your upbringing, and make sure that you portray yourself as balanced and a sensible person. Carry a copy of your resume, few photographs, credentials, references and so on.

If you are not sure about the location of the interview, do not hesitate to call up the office and get details about location and any landmark that will help you reach the venue. On the day of the interview, reach the venue well in advance, familiarize yourself with the ambience, and report to the concerned authority on time. Interview process can be quite intimidating for graduates and students who do not have much experience, and most important key to good interview is to be well-prepared. Interviewer will ask you if you have any questions, and at this stage, do not say “NO” as this will indicate that you are not interested in the company or the job.

Some of the possible questions you can ask the interviewer are position available, how many people have held that position so far, who would you report to, current expansion plans of the company, most challenging aspects of the job, typical responsibilities of the position, opportunities of advancement within the company, any training requirements, company philosophy, company culture and so on.