History of Knives

Knives has been there for as long as man first needed them. The Bronze age brought about great change for knives. Iron replaced bronze, and iron was the main component of many items back then.

The Greeks and the Romans where the first to be craft folding knives using ivory as blades. Ivory was rust proof. The Crusades were launched in the years 1095 and 1272 and they had the opportunity to try out materials for weapons making.

Pocket knives started during the 15th century. Knives were made out of necessity, and that is for combat. The 15h century also saw multiple laded knives. Knives were made out of carbon steel or iron back then. Today it is still the practice.

Knives today have different styles for different uses. There are knives for he kitchen and cutlery, there are knives for combat, there are knives for hunting, and there are also knives for rescue or survival situations. The 19th century paved the way for this. Since during that time, more materials were available for knife making and more people learned how to craft knives. The knives then can be found anywhere.

Knives of different types are plentiful. Teens and adults both appreciate sporting some sort of knife, whether be it a pocket knife or a rescue/survival knife. More and more people are requiring the use of knives outside of combat and the kitchen. History shows that knives come from really diverse needs and uses.