The Facts About The Mafia Wars Game

It´s really no secret that American culture has always had a fascinating with the mob despite the mob´s bloody, murderous history. The mob world holds fascinating for many people – everything from the hierarchy to the fact that they could have someone beaten up or murdered and then go out for dinner the same night as if nothing happened is interesting to some. This helps explain why mob movies like The Godfather series Goodfellas are considered classics in American film culture and why there are still books and TV shows like The Sopranos on the air. This interest has even inspired a special Mafia Wars game on Facebook.

For Facebook, the Mafia Wars game is actually one of the most popular games on the site, if not the most popular. Every day, millions of people all over the world log on so that they can play the game. The game is so popular that the company that makes the game, Zynga, makes real money off of it, despite the fact the players themselves receive only fake money when they actually play. They do this by offering special content or health bonuses in exchange for real money; a player can then decide if they want to spend on them or not.

But why does the Mafia Wars game draw in so many people and what is it really about? Basically, the set-up of the game allows you to join an online mafia. Players start off as a poor Italian kid in the Bronx looking to make it big and make some money while he´s at it. He joins the mob and starts off at the very bottom of the ladder – and then he starts to make his way up.

He does this by completing jobs that allow him to eventually be promoted up the ranks – and eventually he´s able to reach the very top and take total control of the mob, which is what the game´s endpoint is. The jobs themselves are typical jobs you associate with the mafia – breaking into or vandalizing buildings; murdering or “icing” people; even robbing banks or other stores are all jobs to be completed. The game also has a social aspect as well – players can get friends to join their “mob” and help them complete jobs and fight bosses. This combination of things has turned the Mafia Wars game into a hit.