Tips to get Bodyguards on Mafia Wars and Fight Strategy

Mafia Wars is one of the top games for most of the game lovers, and this game is very simple, amusing, and exciting to play. One of the most important plans to be made in this game is obtaining bodyguards just like other loots, and these need to be done to finish the later part of the Mafia Wars. Bodyguards are also necessary to boost the defense while playing the game, as winning the game much depends on the strong defense a player has. Here, effective and simple tips for getting bodyguards on Mafia Wars easily are clearly explained for the new players.

Bodyguards are very important to win the game, and they can be easily obtaining by completing the level ‘protect your city against a rival family´, which exists in the Hitman stage of the play. This job can be easily completed, as this job is included in the random loot item. Another possible ways of getting bodyguards is receiving from other players as a gift, other players can always give their loot items, and this also adds strength to the family. Therefore, it is highly necessary to help other players to increase the family power and also increase the player´s level in the game.

Another easy method to obtain bodyguards is taking from the random loot items, most of the players ignore this method, but this is a very helpful way to gain bodyguards. A new player is advised not to play vigorously at the start of the game. When an individual fights very frequently at the early stages, the game system will show the players name on the fight list most of the time. This list makes the new player an easy prey, and they are easily mobbed and robbed by the senior and experienced players.

To gain more levels in the game, energy points need to be increased with the help of the skill levels, and also a player should focus more on adding active players of the game to their list. To add more people to the Mafia Wars and to gain high ranks, an individual need to gather massive godfather points. In addition, a player should also top all other players in the system and all war games with mastery in any one level of the game. To take full advantage of the game, serious plans should be devised in using the bodyguards and the knowledge to use it gives a new turn in the game.