Pellet Gun for Kids

There are a lot of children and young teen-agers who are interested in pellet guns for recreation. In fact, parents should be aware that there are pellet guns for kids available and should not be worried if their kids want to own one. In fact it is almost a rite of passage for children to own a pellet gun, regardless of gender. Parents must first be aware what are pellet guns for kids.

A parent should first distinguish the difference between a pellet or air soft gun and a bb gun. The bb guns are used for hunting, and with different muzzle velocity and pellet size; it can do a lot of damage and inflict pain. Pellet guns on the other hand, use plastic ball bearings and are designed for recreational activities such as paint ball competition, indoor/outdoor target practice or simulated combat.

There are three types of pellet gun for kids that parents can choose from, the spring powered, gas operated and the battery powered. The spring operated guns work on mechanical power, meaning you have to cock the gun for every shot. The second type employs compressed air or carbon dioxide (co2) to shoot the ball bearing. The third type is quite complex because it uses a battery to drive an electric motor that launches pellets. They are the most common and widely used by beginners. All type of guns fire a 6 mm plastic ball bearings instead of metals.

It is important for parents to educate their children on gun safety. If they give pellet guns for kids, it is their responsibility to supervise the child when it comes to handling the pellet guns. They can enroll these kids in gun safety glasses and enforce them to use the proper protective gear when they are playing with their pellet guns. Goggles and protective eyewear should be utilized at all times to protect them from eye injuries. Parents should also notice that children would not remove any colored markings on their pellet guns so that law enforcement would not mistake their pellet guns as the real thing.

Pellet guns for kids can be a great learning and recreational experience for you and your children. It is a great preparation for them in life as experience is the best teacher.