Pellet Guns vs. BB Guns

Airsoft guns or pellets guns are the most popular among hobby gun enthusiasts today. They are perceived to be recreational toys for everyone who enjoy firing a weapon in a fun, safe atmosphere. Perhaps generations ago feel the same thing for the BB guns. They are used then for shooting targets and to hunt small animals. It can also be considered a recreational gun because back then, shooting squirrels and rodents are considered recreation.

Pellet guns may look like BB guns; in fact they are often mistaken for each other. Though they bore many similarities, there are distinct differences between the two types that set them apart.

First, pellet guns are relatively new as compared to the BB guns that have been used for over 100 years. Pellet guns were developed in Japan, since they are not allowed to have the real ammunition; manufacturers developed a spring-typed weapon, which evolved into a gas-firing device.

Ball bearing guns or BB guns are developed for different kind of recreation, bird hunting. As time goes on, BB gun is considered a hunting gun for small animals and not for recreational use like the pellet gun.

Pellet guns shoot relatively harmless plastic pellets, which are 6 mm in size. They are designed to impart low target damage. Modern day BB guns usually have a smoothbore barrel which bore a diameter and caliber of 4.5mm. Instead of plastic, BB guns usually employ steel, plated with either zinc or copper to resist corrosion and rusting.

Pellet guns possess less damage potential to humans and property. They are developed for safer method of indoor target shooting. The BB gun on the other hand has the potential has skin piercing ability and delivering a fatal injury. It is also prone to ricochet especially off hard surfaces and can cause eye injuries even to blindness.

Though both pellet guns and bb guns have the same firing mechanisms, pellet guns employ compressed gas, electricity, and powered by springs. BB guns are air and gas powered only.

Hobbyists and gun enthusiasts should know the pros and cons of pellet guns vs bb guns. Though they bear a lot of similarities, one should know the differences of the two so they can employ the proper weapon for the proper objective.