Quiet Pellet Guns or Silenced Pellet Guns

Tired of having critters think that your crops are their only source of food supply? Angry that rodents and pest decided that your trash bin is their midnight snack getaway? Scared of having wild animals attack your pets in your own backyard? Exasperated from people who think that you’re a madman or cruel human being for trying to blast them away with a noisy firearm? Then it’s time to switch your noisy firearm for a quiet pellet gun.

When asking around on how to make my pellet gun quiet, I found out two things. One, noise suppressors or silencers are considered illegal therefore rather spending time in jail for exterminating pests; I opt for the second option. I found out among pellet gun experts and enthusiasts, that when it comes to quiet pellet guns, I need to check out the Gamo Whisper.

According to the manufacturers, the Whisper’s noise suppressor reduces sound by a little more than 50%. Its low noise output is the result of an integral, baffle-style suppressor at the muzzle. The effect is that it gives the Whisper a reduced different sound instead of the usual cackle heard from other pellet guns.

The Whisper’s other features, besides being a quiet pellet gun, is an 18” barrel, manual sights, and a scope. They are single shot, break-barrel, spring cocking rifles. Cocking takes quite a lot of effort, but it can propel pellets at 950 fps. This is good for target shooting, it combines power and accuracy altogether.

The Whisper’s features allows the bearer peace of mind, children will have a hard time using it without adult supervision because of its hard cocking feature. This quiet pellet gun allows the shooter to utilize it without the neighbors finding out that you are helping the neighborhood of ridding pests and critters. From crows to raccoons and even coyotes, this quiet pellet gun is the great equalizer.

This quiet pellet gun, the Whisper is good for target shooting, plinking and of course and means of pest control. It may be pricey but according to people who had the experience of owning one, it’s worth it.