911 Phone Records: How They Can Help

We are used to hearing about people obtaining phone records for the wrong reasons these days. Undercover police officers for instance, need to remain under their guise for their own safety and yet need access to a phone so that they have a means of communication with fellow officers. If the bad guys were to access their cell phone records and find out who they were, it could be a life threatening situation. However, there are also situations in which obtaining phone records can be rewarding and helpful.

911 phone records for instance can come in very handy and may even be that missing piece of the puzzle in a criminal case. People only call 911 if they are trouble and need help. Every single call that is made to 911 is recorded. 911 phone records are most often used in police cases where a death was involved.

They can use the phone records to tell the date and time of the crime and use it to help them figure out just what happened. Especially in the cases of an unsolved murder, detectives often find the 911 phone records to be one of the most deciding factors to help them solve the case. 911 phone records and tapes can also be used to show a family’s grief when there has been a murder. A prime example of this was on the Oprah Winfrey show recently where the murder of Bud and Melanie Billings was the topic of discussion.

This was a lovely couple who had disabled children and who had their home raided and were murdered. It was a tragic story but police went on to use the 911 phone records as well as surveillance tapes of the couple’s home in order to determine who the suspects were. 911 phone records are very personal but unfortunately there are a lot of people who use illegal methods in order to obtain these records. Landline and cell phone records have always been quite easily obtained, even with the recent laws being passed.

Landline phone and cell phone records can be obtained quite easily, even by regular Joe’s. These are kept in police databases and are much harder to hack into. This is a good thing considering that when people call into 911 the last thing they are thinking is that their phone records can then be traced back to them. An attorney or police officer would be able to let you know what to do next.