Buy Phone Records: A Problem In The World Today

We all like to think that when we pick up our phones to make a call, we have our privacy and can talk to whoever we want. The thought probably does not occur to you that anyone making or receiving calls from your phone can then be tracked back to you. It is actually quite easy for people to access this sort of information so you just may want to think about it the next time you pick up your phone to talk to someone. Today people can actually buy phone records and find out all the numbers that have made and received calls from your phone.

A person could hire a private investigator to provide them with listings of phone records. Or if they had access to the Internet they could go ahead and do it on their own. Basically telephone companies are only able to offer information to the actual account holder, but they are not always able to determine whether they are talking to that person or not. As long as a caller has the correct information they will be able to talk their way into that person’s accounts and easily receive a copy of their phone bills.

Anyone who has access to an Internet connection can easily go through a company or on their own obtain phone records for any landline or cell phone. This has been a hot topic of discussion with most news and television programs, particularly over the past few years. Because of how the problem has been escalating lately, law enforcement agencies have been doing what they can to fight against it. After all, even in situations where infidelity or other betrayal may be a possibility and it seems reasonable, it is still an invasion of someone’s privacy and is not right.

Because of this there were several laws passed recently that helped to guard against these sorts of crimes. There have been a few laws passed over the last couple of years to guard against this problem. The most major law passed was the Consumer Telephone Records Protection Act of 2006. This changed the laws so that the penalty for assuming someone’s identity and obtaining this information was toughened.

However the point is that now if they are caught they will get in a great deal of trouble. If they are able to talk their way in they may find it easy to access this information but they can get in serious trouble if they are caught. For the hackers who use computer codes to gain their information it will be more difficult to stop them but more laws are in the works to help with this problem. Hopefully in the near future further steps will be taken to prevent against this sort of crime.