How To Subpoena Phone Records: When Is It Important?

There are different situations in which phone records would need to be subpoenaed. For anyone who has been receiving harassing phone calls and being stalked, this is probably the most common reason phone records are obtained. This is the legal process of obtaining one’s phone records in order to use as proof to prosecute them for their crime. Just because there may not have been any actual physical crime committed that does not mean that police are not going to take the case seriously.

If you want to subpoena someone’s phone records you are going to need to have an active court case. If you need your own it will only take a quick phone call from you to your telephone service provider. Let them know that you need a copy of your phone records and they should be more than happy to email, fax or post it to you. If you do need to know how to subpoena phone records then keep in mind you almost always need to have an active court case going on.

Phone records are important and are often the determining factor in a court case. This is why many people who are being harassed will go to a private investigator before going to the police, so that they can know before pressing charges who it is that has been bothering them. In cases of crime and harassers, police can use phone records to determine just when these people contacted you. Especially if you have gone ahead and pressed charges, these records could be the determining factor in your case.

Picture and text messages can actually also be subpoenaed for use in a court case. If one person was accused of adultery for instance, which was able to be proven through phone records the other person could stand to lose it all. Using this information it will be very easy for an attorney to put a case together and prove that the spouse was unfaithful. This is the worst kind of betrayal and it is fortunate to have phone records to use in these sorts of situations.

However there are other situations in which obtaining phone records would be illegal and wrong. Police can dig into phone records, as can your neighbors or even that guy walking past you on the street so long as they know your name and phone number. It is important if you want to obtain someone’s phone records that you go about things the legal way. As long as you are going about things legally you should not have any problems.