The Problem With The Phone Records Law And How It Affects You

There is a huge problem with the phone records law of today. It is important that we all have our privacy which is only fair but unfortunately today it is harder than ever before to get that privacy. You should be able to feel comfortable and not have to worry about someone tracing calls back to you in the future. Unfortunately in today’s world that is just not how things work.

The phone records law of today is simply not tough enough. There are still thousands of different online and offline companies around the world who will do the dirty work and obtain phone records in a matter of days. Whether they impersonate that person in order to obtain the information or hack their way in, the point is that they are breaching someone’s privacy and that is not right. Not only can it be a bother but it can actually be dangerous if someone were to find out who you were calling.

Let’s say that you were being harassed and your stalker obtained your phone records this could be potentially life threatening even because they would have important information on you. From your phone records alone they could figure out who you are dating, who your friends are, who your doctor is, whether you are seeing a psychiatrist, where you work and more. This is the last person you want to have finding out this sort of information about you. Undercover police officers have also been having a really rough time with this lately.

Policemen are trained to perform in the line of duty and often have to work undercover under the guise of a drug trafficker or weapons buyer in order to get to the people that they want to take down. These are drug lords and weapons specialists who are not ready to go to jail and most likely would put the police officer’s life at stake as a result. Most people are quite surprised at just how simple it is for a person to obtain this sort of information. You do not need to be a pro computer hacker or criminal to obtain someone’s phone records.

You do not have to be any form of authority figure or have high tech computer skills. There are different private investigator and other companies that make it easy as pie to obtain someone’s phone records. This is definitely not reassuring and makes us all feel a lot different from now on when we go to use our phone. The hope is that soon the phone records law will be changed so that we don’t have to worry every time we pick up our phone to make a call.