Want To Buy Cell Phone Records? What You Need To Know

No matter what the reason you may want to buy cell phone records, there are a few important things you should know. You may want to confirm a suspicion that your spouse is cheating on you by seeing who they have been calling, or perhaps you have been harassed lately. Or you may have been harassed lately and want to find out exactly who it is that has been up to no good. Regardless of the actual reason, if you want to buy cell phone records there are a few steps you should take.

Before going ahead with this however, it would be wise to try a reverse phone call. What this means is that you pick up the phone after the person has called and dial *69 or whatever number reverse call is on your cell phone to find out the number. In cases where the person blocked their number, you may be unable to do this but it is worth a try. Otherwise, you can take another route which is to go through an online company to find the information that you need.

As long as you have a credit card and a couple hundred dollars to burn you will be good to go. For just over one hundred dollars you just need to give them the name and cell phone number that you want traced, and they will do all the work for you. They will provide you with a list of outgoing and incoming calls from their cell phone. If you want to get even more details you can go through a private investigator.

They usually charge a higher fee for these services but in most cases it is worth it. Even if you are the one on the seeking end of the phone call records it is pretty amazing to see how easy it is to breach someone’s privacy. Most were previous police detectives and know exactly how to gain access to the information they need. They are therefore able to get more information and deliver it to you in a shorter period of time as well.

You can basically find out anything you would want to know on a person just by looking at their cell phone records. You can find out everything you want about a person based on their cell phone records. You can figure out if they are having an affair, whether they are seeing a psychiatrist and what they do for a living. Obtaining cell phone records, if not done through the authorities, is illegal in most cases but this is how you can attain them.