Helping Your Spouse Stop Smoking Cold Turkey

If your spouse has decided to stop smoking, you might be wondering how to help them stop smoking cold turkey. Many people decide to stop smoking cold turkey, and when wondering how to stop smoking cold turkey it is important to think about the individual’s smoking habits. Stopping smoking cold turkey is definitely possible if someone has not been smoking very long or has the absolute determination to stop smoking. If your spouse is going to quit cold turkey, here are some ways how to stop smoking cold turkey and how to support the individual who is doing it.

How To Stop Smoking Cold Turkey?

If you are wondering how to stop smoking cold turkey or how to support someone, especially your spouse, who is quitting cold turkey, one of the first things to do is get rid of the temptation. What this means is throw the cigarettes away! However, do not just throw them in the trash. If it is not trash day, flush the cigarettes down the toilet or throw them in a public trashcan far from your house. Your spouse will start craving cigarettes and if they are in the trash can at home, he or she might be willing to dig to get the nicotine fix. The question here is how to stop smoking forever, not how to stop smoking for a few minutes. And as such, it is crucial to remove the ability to purchase cigarettes. Another thing that will help is instead of using a debit or credit card to run to the gas station or convenience store, carry just the amount of cash you will need. That will mean that your spouse will not have enough money to purchase cigarettes even if he or she is tempted to.

Be Supportive

A great way for how to help someone stop smoking cold turkey is to simply be supportive. There are a million ways to be supportive incorrectly when someone is trying to quit smoking cold turkey. One way is to ask your spouse how long it has been since he or she had his or her last cigarette. This may seem like an acceptable question, but in reality it is a very loaded question. Instead, one way for how to help someone stop smoking cold turkey is to ask them simply how is it going. That way he or she can share whatever he or she decides to share and does not feel like a failure if they did cave to temptation recently.