Options in Products to Help Stop Smoking

There are many things that people should do to help stop smoking. Although products to help stop smoking are beneficial to people who are determined to quit, it usually takes more than one method put together to ultimately quit. There are some products that can be purchased over the counter and there are others that have to be prescribed by a physician. Either way, the people who are contemplating quitting smoking should consult their physicians to find out if there are any drug interactions that they need to be aware of and also which products to help stop smoking the doctors would choose as the best for them.

Patches, Gum and Inhalers Are Some Products to help stop smoking

There are different methods that are used in products to help stop smoking. There are some that are made in slow release patches that have varying amounts of nicotine in them. The people buying them should determine how many cigarettes they smoke in a day and start with a patch that is only slightly lower than that amount. Then the patches should be decreased, usually on a weekly basis, to lower amounts of nicotine until the person is off of nicotine altogether. There are benefits to using the patches as products to help stop smoking. One is that the patches can be worn under clothing and are not noticeable. The second is that the patches can be found in slow release doses so that they do not have to be changed except for once per day. The down side to the patches is that they can cause a rash and that it can be difficult to sleep for some people that are on the patch.

There is another product to help stop smoking and that is nicotine gum. There are different brands that make it and it can also be bought over the counter. It comes in different doses and can be replaced as often as needed. The benefit of the gun over the patch is that it provides an instant release of nicotine and it also provides the oral stimulation that a cigarette provides, thus helping with the psychological effects quitting smoking as well as the physical effects. The down side to using the gum as a product to help stop smoking is that the jaw can become sore and nausea can be experienced if too much is taken in a short time period.

The final type of product to help stop smoking is the nicotine inhaler. This product allows individuals to control how much they take at a time, but it can cause coughing or irritation in the throat, especially if not used as directed.