Using Medicine to Help Stop Smoking

Today, there are many types of medicine to help stop smoking. In the past, people had to quit ‘cold turkey,’ meaning that they had to just make the decision to stop and deal with the physical withdrawal symptoms that went with that decision. This was often more than people could handle, with their body creating sick symptoms that made them start the smoking back up again. Today, the medicines to help stop smoking bring the nicotine content of the body down to nothing step by step so that the withdrawal is not as harsh. Some of these drugs to stop smoking are found over the counter while others require a prescription from the doctor to use them.

Medicine to help stop smoking Options

One popular option in medicines to help stop smoking is the patch. These nicotine patches come in varying doses so that the person can start with the does the most closely matches the number of cigarettes he was smoking each day. That way, he can slowly lower the doses week by week as he also works to change the habits that he has had about going for smoke breaks throughout the day. In order to effectively quit smoking, more than medicine is usually needed to help with the process. There are also psychological issues that need to be dealt with in order to change the habit that has been formed, usually over many years of using cigarettes.

Another popular method of medicine to help stop smoking is the nicotine gum. These gums look like regular pieces of gum but have a certain amount of nicotine in each piece. In this way, the person gets an instant nicotine rush to his system, much like the effect of the cigarette when he smokes it. It also provides the oral stimulation since it is chewed, which seems to help some people in quitting smoking since it gives their mouths something to do when they would normally be having a smoke break.

There are also nicotine inhalers and lozenges that are used as medicines to help stop smoking, but these are not as popular as the ones mentioned above. There are also some prescription medicines to help stop smoking, but these usually have stronger side effects to them. One of these is called Varnicline, which is a pill that people can take each day. The down side to this pill is that the person can become nauseous or not be able to sleep. There are also some mood swings and allergic reactions that have been a problem in some cases, so it is not for everyone to use.