A Guide To White Witchcraft: Good Or Not?

One of the biggest misconceptions on witchcraft is that there are only bad, negative spells to cast. This is in fact not the case at all and there are actually two completely separate types of witchcraft that one can practice. Black witchcraft is about casting hexes and spells that are harmful and forcing people to do things against their own free will. Black witchcraft spells can be dangerous but if you only stick to using white witchcraft spells you are not going to have any troubles.

There are different spells for everything from relieving stress to finding a true love. These are the spells that most regular people are used to using, those who are into witchcraft at all that is. There are a few rules of white witchcraft that are important to be aware of if you want to start casting some white witchcraft spells. The first rule is to live and this means you should live your best life and do the things that you dream of doing.

There are so many dreams we all have and you can use white witchcraft spells to help you gain achievements in life. There is no guarantee but if you are using the right spells and following the proper routine, you should see results almost immediately. For one you just need to have a picture of the person you are interested in and a purple glass plate. To have your true love walk into your life you just need a purple glass plate, a picture of that person and then you place the picture face down on the plate for about fifteen minutes.

Within that time or at least within the next couple of days that person is going to make a move and show you that they love you. The third rule of white witchcraft is that you need to learn. This is important in general but especially when you are involved in something like witchcraft because there are so many different things to learn and remember. The rule to learn means you should be doing so much more than that and should be becoming a better person as your live goes on.

Finally the fourth rule is to enjoy. If you are going to be involved in witchcraft you need to be happy and positive or you are not going to get the results you want. Black magic is the side of things where people are angry and depressed, using spells to get vengeance and this is not what you want. White witchcraft has a lot to offer and the spells used are not harmful, so just make sure you stay away from the black magic spells.