Contemporary Witchcraft Laws

Over the years, contemporary witchcraft has focused on magic and solving cases related to forces of nature and unforeseen forces such as spirits, and this has resulted in ease of anti-witchcraft laws. The outcome of such practices has resulted in spiritual healing, development of natural medicines and newer cures in the area of herbalism and aromatherapy. In this process, we will learn to understand the spiritual forces of witchcraft and the laws governing them. Witchcraft and magic are synonymous, and related to harmonizing the forces of universe.

For helping mankind, we need to follow set of principles while practicing contemporary witchcraft. The foremost principle of witchcraft is “Love”, which relates to act that does not harm others. The harm to the other person can be caused in the form of words, deeds or thoughts, but no physical harm is allowed to others or oneself in practicing contemporary witchcraft. Magic means recognition of such forces, understanding the guidelines and wisely make use of these powers.

Contemporary witchcraft involves harmonizing forces of universe and to follow the Law of Polarity to understand its meaning and use. This law establishes that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and the act carried out on others is either active or reactive in nature. The other law states the cause and effect relationship, which is universal and nothing can act outside this law. The power of magic is great, but it has to be used with precaution as many people use it for unreasonable gains, and not for the betterment of society.

Contemporary witchcraft laws are based on proper techniques and it is essential to follow them in order to get the desired results. The techniques are confined in most humans in this universe but are in dormant state and these mysteries can be unlocked with proper guidance. Law of Polarity and cause & effect state that the power derived by such techniques should be used responsibly to benefit human kind as a whole. Keeping human kind into perspective, contemporary witchcraft laws have been adopted for the betterment of society.

The main purpose of contemporary witchcraft is for the betterment of humankind, by protecting body, mind and soul from the ills of life. However we should not interfere with life of others, on the pretext of healing. The practice should be governed under the witchcraft laws and it should be ethical, non-interference and covering all the responsibilities and consequences before hand.