Witchcraft Techniques

For those who choose the path of witchcraft, it is a way of life that adds the sense of wholeness and balance in their lives. For the practitioners of witchcraft, it is a way to instantly feel connected to something much greater and larger than themselves, and gives them the feeling of coming home. Witchcraft has always mesmerized and fascinated people with the mystery and magic associated with it. Divination, candle magic, higher magic, knot magic, green magic, kitchen magic, thought forms are some of the several forms of witchcraft.

Spells are the series of prayers and rituals that are used by Wiccans, and are performed in the witchcraft to seek divine help in various aspects of life. A spell can be in the form of a speech, prayer, action, writing, drawing, sketching or dancing, and involves a magical occurrence. Magical spell is the transformative and creative performance, and does not involve esoteric mumbo jumbo, sleight of hand or trickery seen in every day. To use the techniques of witchcraft, it is essential to believe in yourself and find inner peace and enlightenment.

The first step towards learning the witchcraft is to study the religion, and you can do this by studying several journals and books online and offline. To practice witchcraft, it is essential to explore your unique and magical pitch or tone that is different from the regular speaking voice. A beginner in the witchcraft needs verbal and written guidance, to learn and perform the rituals. Repeat the chant over and over again, and increase the intensity each time so that you put more feelings and emotions into the chant in order to raise the level of energy.

Once you feel that the enough energy is generated, you need to release it by saying the chant for the last time, and ending with “So Mote It Be”. The area inside the circle is prohibited for any unwanted elements, and it only serves at the exclusive energy field for the witchcraft. A true witch does not perform witchcraft to manipulate or harm others because the boomerang effect eventually will come back, which will be much larger and harder to handle. Keep in mind that nature is sacred, and there are many hidden secrets which need to be respected.

In the recent years, the use of herbs to heal the people has been rediscovered, hence make use of valuable healing properties of herbs. Once the energy is raised, the spell can be casted. Study pantheons of different pagan religions including Roman, Greek, Celtic, Norse etc, and see which one fascinates you the most. Dismantle the towers set up around the circle, and finally, the circle must be released as well in order to restore the space.