Baby Boomer Generation Characteristics Shine Through

It is considered that there are many baby boomer generation characteristics, and that they are largely strong and independent people as a result of their place in history following the end of World War Two, and the traumas endured by the pre baby boomer generation, their parents.

Various Baby Boomer Generation Characteristics

Baby boomer generation characteristics are thought to include a self-reliant desire to work to the top of their field and climb the corporate ladder, the work ethic runs strong in them and they will strive to be the best in their field, this led to many of them becoming strong business leaders.

Arriving at work early and leaving late are typical baby boomer generation characteristics, as they are motivated by work and position, seeking promotion at any cost, often seen to be criticizing the younger generations for their lack of effort in the work place, they are conscientious members of the work force and will give their best at all times.

This work ethic means that another baby boomer generation characteristic is that they are considered to be quite competitive, both in their work places and outside, maybe having a competitive attitude towards their kids baseball team, or in the office competing to get that pay rise or promotion.

Another baby boomer generation characteristic is their strong independent streak, which makes them resourceful and not adverse to challenge, and change, in fact challenge is something that they relish, and they may active seek to challenge something they are dissatisfied with something in the workplace.

The reason that they seem to have such a commitment to their work is that the baby boomer generation characteristic was their desire to excel at their formal education, and their generation saw the highest rates of students taking up places in higher education facilities, which also led to many of them graduating with many qualifications.

These baby boomer generation characteristics also led to them being labelled as being a bit dull, and having lots of issues with the younger generation, with their catch words being thought of as ‘never trust anyone under 30’, which is obviously not reflective of all of their generation.

Many baby boomer characteristics are of course not in any way dissimilar to any other generation and there are always those that do not seem to conform to any stereotypical ideas about the generation to which they belong, the characteristics are representative of some, but the same set of characteristics can be seen in other generations across the years.