Using Mafia Wars Tools To Have A Better Game

Mafia wars is a text based game that is based on the principle of developing a strong mafia family and collect as much money as possible. To become stronger, players must advance to the next lever and this can be done by purchasing necessary weapons and points, attacking the other mafia and defending attacks on you to earn the reward points each day. Social networking is another aspect of the game that rewards the player for having more friends to play with. Before you get into any fights, make sure that you put all your money in bank, and despite the fact that it charges 10% fee to deposit money, your money will be safe from getting robbed.

To defend yourself from attacks, you need strong weapons, and hence buy these weapons and some other cheap options as well. Players of Mafia Wars are constantly in search of strategies that can help them make more money, get more power and weapons or find more loot. On some occasion, Godfather offers special loot, and it will be given on the homepage, giving the list of requirements. During the game, energy packs are very essential, and hence make sure that you do not waste any pack and make wise use of it to complete more jobs.

So invest in few of these casinos. Build up the extensive arsenal of deadly key weapons that give you huge advantage of the competitors. When the fight ends, the amount of money won is displayed in the summary section in addition to description of loot and experience points. Management of cash flow in the integral part of Mafia Wars, and money is required to buy properties, purchase and maintain equipment and weapons and so on.

Manage your money well, and use it wisely. In Mafia Wars, it is essential to work hard and fight continuously, rob gratuitously and get extra bonus cash. During the play, fight till you are seriously injured, and get admitted to the hospital, and then sigh off as this way, you cannot be attacked. Body Armor is a must purchase, and though cars are secondary to weapons and armors, Towncar is usually recommended.

Bookmark the attacks that fetch you maximum amount of cash, and then attack them often. Exotic vehicles, bonus crates, crafty weapons etc can be very appealing, but the player must compare the defense and attack data of the weapon with the other items that can be acquired by looting or through normal purchasing.