Shot With a Pellet Gun

In this era of gun control debates, a lot of people never realize that pellet guns can also inflict injuries and sometimes fatalities. News all over the world have been reporting people, property are shot with a pellet gun due to carelessness, mischief or pure malicious intent. Often times, the victims are children and infants, those who cannot defend themselves.

Mischief-makers have a habit of employing pellet guns in their shenanigans. They even have the gall to shoot at authorities. In Portland, there was a police car that was shot with a pellet gun. The patrol car was just responding to an emergency call that a car was being shot by pellet guns.

In fact, even secured and celebrated events are not exempt from these vandals. There was a time that cyclists in the Tour de France were shot with a pellet gun. Two riders, Spaniard Oscar Freire and New Zealander Julian Dean, suffered light injuries when shot with a pellet gun. Dean was hit on a finger on his left hand while Freire had a pellet removed from his leg by the team doctor. What is the purpose of the attackers, to have their 15-minute of fame by hurting others?

A perception that a pellet gun cannot be fatal has been disproved when a 13 year old boy from Canada died when shot with a pellet gun. A 17-year old boy was charged with criminal negligence resulting in death after the incident. The two boys stole the pellet gun and were passing it around between them when it went off hitting the younger one in the upper body.

Due to the easy access of pellet guns, a lot of them are freely sold to anyone over 18. Pellet guns, some have the same velocity as a .22 caliber rifle are relatively easy to obtain and are often used in the commission of crimes.

It is important for parents and the authorities to know that pellet guns should never be considered as toys. In the guise of recreation, a lot of injuries occurred because they are shot with pellet guns. Children and young teens who have no idea how to handle guns are often the victims due to mishandling or accidents. In light of this, people should think and reconsider first if they want to purchase a firearm, even if it is only a pellet gun.