What 911 Phone Records Are Used For

In many situations, obtaining phone records is illegal and used for the wrong reasons. Undercover police officers for instance, need to remain under their guise for their own safety and yet need access to a phone so that they have a means of communication with fellow officers. Also for harassers who try to watch every move of someone’s life, accessing another person’s phone records would be an invasion of their privacy. These are improper and possibly harmful reasons for obtaining phone records but there are also good uses.

However there are situations where obtaining phone records can be helpful, such as the case with 911 phone records. People call 911 when they are in danger or if something frightening has happened and they need help. All phone calls made to the police or fire department are automatically recorded so they can be used for future use. These are personal and intimate calls made usually when a person is at their worst and are distraught.

They can use the phone records to tell the date and time of the crime and use it to help them figure out just what happened. They can be used in a criminal case where a death has occurred. 911 phone records can also be used to show a family’s grief and help in the search or prosecution of the criminals who committed a crime. A perfect example of this is when Oprah recently had a show on the brutal murder of Bud and Melanie Billings.

The 911 phone records and tapes were used to show how distraught and upset the family was. It was a tragic story and the 911 tapes were used to show how the family was feeling and show just how horrifying that day was for them. 911 phone records are used because they give an exact date and time of when a crime was committed or accident reported. Landline and cell phone records have always been quite easily obtained, even with the recent laws being passed.

There is much more security around the 911 phone records however, and they are usually only obtainable through the police department. These are kept in police databases and are much harder to hack into. If you ever did need to obtain access to 911 phone records you would want to contact your local authorities. If you do ever need to obtain 911 phone records you can contact your local police department and advise them of this.