Baby Boomer Age Range and What it Means

Learning about the baby boomer age range and what this means is really very important, even though there are so many people who have no clue why. Baby boomers aging, means that most of them are at retirement age now and will be gone soon. Well if you want to know more about the baby boomer age range, then you should know that the start of the baby boom was post-World War II which means that it was around 1946 that the boom begun.

Of course the end of the baby boomer age range was about nineteen years later, which is just how long the baby boom turned out to be, as these were all the babies that were born once the soldiers had returned after the war. Thus the end of the baby boomer age range is around 1964, making the oldest boomers today around 45 years old.

The Impact of Baby Boomer Age Range

Whether you are already aware of it or not, baby boomers have a major role in the world today. More than anything fashion trends are geared towards boomers a lot of the time, because they are one of the largest groups of people out there who are shopping and who are interested in fashion and in keeping themselves looking gorgeous.

Of course the slow economy around the world today has definitely had an impact, and now more people, including the boomers, are more careful and cautious with their money and are not spending as much as they used to. Even on affluent boomers, the economy has had its downfalls which can only be expected.

The biggest problem with this and in regards to the baby boomer age range is that because the economy is so bad right now and because the boomers are at retirement age, their retirement savings are at much greater risk of being spent, more than anything just because they need the money and because they are now too old to work for it and keep their savings.

There are so many different issues that need to be tackled when it comes to baby boomers in general, but learning about these are going to really help you out in the end of it all and especially if you have a parent that is part of the baby boom, you will realize the importance so much more. There will be another baby boom again, and the same facts will remain.