Baby Boomer Generation Age Present Woodstock

A music revolution was a huge part of the baby boomer generation age, those born in this era are thought to be responsible for a change in music culture, and one key event that set them apart from other was the well known hippy festival of Woodstock.

Knowledge Of Baby Boomer Generation Age

Woodstock was an open air music festival held in 1969, that would have been organised by and attended by members of the baby boomer generation age, it was held on a farm in White Lake, New York and was advertised as “An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music”

The pre baby boomer generation, aka the parents of our baby boomer generation age were somewhat busy with the war, and music was not something that they were able to devote time and attention to, so this festival was the first of its kind, and was organised by a generation that did not have the memories of war.

This weekend event saw over 500,000 baby boomer generation age teenages and adults camped and ready to be entertained, they were not disappointed with 32 acts taking to the stage over the course of the weekend, initially a ticket only event, the organisers didn’t forsee how popular it would be and were unable to police the tickets so it became a largely free event.

Many of the acts were also baby boomer generation age, which does not come as much of a surprise, and amongst those performing on the Saturday were the likes of Janice Joplin, Creedance Clear Water Revival, Jefferson Airplane and perhaps most famous today, The Who.

Several massive names were also invited to perform at this massive baby boomer generation age event, but chose to decline for various reasons, The Doors cancelled at the last minute deciding that this would be a second rate festival, which apparently and possibly unsurprisingly is a decision they later regretted.

The post baby boomer generation, the children of the baby boomer generation age have been very impressed with their parents efforts so much so that on the 40th anniversary in 2009, efforts are made to recreate the event, however sadly for a number of reasons the main event is cancelled.

It has to be said that the baby boomer generation age achieved global success with their woodstock festival, almost everyone in their generation, and the next generation has heard of Woodstock, and references to it are used throughout many films and television shows.