The Pre Baby Boomer Generation Live Through The War

The pre baby boomer generation did not have a very good time of things; their generation saw first hand the experiences and horrors of World War 2, and saw many loved ones called up to fight but sadly never to return, for many it was not a good life that was on offer.

Pre baby boomer generation children in the USA faced one less adversity than their English contemporaries as they did not suffer so much from direct attack, it meant for the UK based child in major cities there was a large possibility that they would be evacuated to the countryside to protect their lives.

This was definitely not a happy experience for many pre baby boomer generation age children as it meant being separated from their parents and sent to live with well meaning strangers who did in the main look after them, however sadly some would never have seen their parents again.

If you were a male teenager in the pre baby boomer generation, whether in the UK or in the USA you faced the grim reality of being called up to fight for your country, with few exceptions granted on medical terms, thrust into war with minimal training not knowing if you would come home to see loved ones again.

The Pre Baby Boomer Generation Suffered More In England

Being a member of the pre baby boomer generation was not the same for all countries, and certainly those in Britain has a very raw deal, their country was attacked and bombed, their supplies ran low, it was a miserable time of rationing and making do.

Rationing meant that the pre baby boomer generation no longer had choice in terms of food, but were allocated a ration based on what was available, and you had to produce evidence in the form of a ration book, which also gave the maximum amount, you could buy.

The girls in the pre baby boomer generation generally didn’t go to war but instead had to work hard from a young age, taking their place in factories, becoming nurses to tend to the increasing numbers of injured and sick or tend the land working hard to grow much needed supplies.

Following the war the pre baby boomer generation in Britain were left to pick up the pieces, and their children became known at the baby boomer generation almost in a defiant effort to prove that they had picked themselves up as a country and put themselves back on their feet.