What is the Baby Boomer Age?

One of the most common questions that is posed regarding baby boomers is what is the baby boomer age? Many people are just not aware of when a person is considered to be a baby boomer and how many of them there are out there today. Well there are a few different things that are important to learn when it comes to baby boomers, but basically the baby boomer age refers to when baby boomers were born, which was after the soldiers returned from World War II.

A baby boom is considered to be a point in time where there were a lot of babies born and the post-World War II period was definitely the biggest baby boom to date.

So if you wanted to be aware of what the baby boomer age range was, then you would basically need to know that the baby boomer age range started in 1946 which was about nine months after the end of the war, and it continued on until about 1964. The range is told differently in some cases, but this is the average age range and so anyone who was born in between those years is considered as being part of the baby boom.

That means that today the youngest baby boomers would be around 45 years old, with most older than that.

Importance Of Baby Boomer Age

There are many reasons why learning about the baby boomer age is important, as well as the different trends of baby boomers. More than anything this is because baby boomers play a huge role on life in general and on the shopping market. Because there are so many of them, it is easy to understand why they play such a pivotal role and why merchandisers of all sorts are always anxious to keep on track with the baby boomer trends.

Being aware of the baby boomer age is one thing, but actually learning about the details and about why this age is so implemental is something else altogether. Especially if you are someone who works as a travel agent or a fashion merchandiser for instance, you are going to want to make sure that you take the time to learn more about all of this information and that you are aware of what it means.

Baby boomers are so important and chances are that your parent is a baby boomer. Of course most are in retirement age now and so they will not be around for long.