Winning Strategies for Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is a multiplayer game that revolves around performing various jobs to earn money and create an illicit mafia empire by making other players part of the gang. To become stronger, players must advance to the next lever and this can be done by purchasing necessary weapons and points, attacking the other mafia and defending attacks on you to earn the reward points each day. The game is quite addictive, and is easy to play. The game is very addictive, does not require much time to play and understand, and can be easily be played by just few clicks of the mouse.

Jobs are very crucial aspect of the game, and players need to do several jobs throughout the play. Develop a strategy that focuses on maximizing the energy as it allows players to grab higher jobs that earn more experience points. Mafia Mike’s pay very well, and hence make a huge Mafia Mike’s franchise by buying its speakeasy joints. Sacrificial Mega Casinos have highest profile and price tags, and hence are robbed most frequently, but after crooks rob few thousands from this job, they ignore other holdings of the player, leaving them intact.

So invest in few of these casinos. Another useful tip to win at Mafia wars is to stay fully invested by participating in the real estate to maximum extent, and reap the mounting earnings. Before logging out, sweep the cash account and put entire cash that is left after purchasing all the properties the character can afford into the bank. Eventually, the character needs to do all jobs starting from the lowly street thug, and all the way up to boss, but skim the most lucrative jobs first as this helps build the property income much faster.

Once you finish the game, take all the cash left after buying the properties, and move it to the bank, as leaving the loose cash around unguarded can easily be robbed. Collect as much loot as you can. Half your mafia group should use Bloody Chainsaws, and rest half should possess Chain Guns. Body Armor is a must purchase, and though cars are secondary to weapons and armors, Towncar is usually recommended.

You can be hitlisted if you attack the same player many times, and it can cost you many serious points, making a serious dent in the progress of the game and hence be aware of it. Exotic vehicles, bonus crates, crafty weapons etc can be very appealing, but the player must compare the defense and attack data of the weapon with the other items that can be acquired by looting or through normal purchasing.