Building a Green Energy Home

There are many green energy alternatives available today that allow people to save money on power bills and also save the environment. Building a green energy home today also means that some government programs can help to fund the changes, making the reconstruction even more attractive to home owners. There are many small tips that people can do without doing a reconstruction that can help to make a home a green energy home, such as taking the time to dry clothing outside, turning the thermostat down a few degrees in the winter and up a few degrees in the summer, and more. There are also some green energy home ideas for those whose home is on a farm or ranch, since solar and wind power can be useful in running pumps for irrigation and other services.


When building a green energy home, the direction that the home faces and where the windows are placed has a big influence on how the solar panels and other natural energy sources can effectively work. A big portion of the roof of the home should be facing south where it can receive sunlight the majority of the time. In this way, the solar panels that are embedded in roofing tiles can be used on that side of the home to create energy for running the appliances in the home. A solar water heater can also be used to save money on heating the water for the home. Even if a solar water heater is not used, a water heater that is well insulated and runs efficiently should be used in the home to offset the power cost.

Every green energy home should be well insulated so that the heating or air that is used in the home can be kept there instead of leaking out through the cracks in the walls and windows. Placing the windows and the roof overhangs properly in a green energy home is also important since it allows the sunlight to be used in the winter to help to heat the home and to keep it out in the summer to keep it cooler. In addition, having a lot of windows in the home provides a lot of lighting in the home so that artificial lighting does not have to be used in the daylight hours. There are also some solar powered lights that can be used in the home. These lights have a panel that sits by a window in the daylight so that the light can be left on throughout the night without losing power. There are also outside lighting units that are run solely by solar power, thus saving on the energy efficiency of the home.