Nuclear Energy Cost – International Monetary Values Or Lives

 Where Does Responsibility Lie?
Who determines the cost of a life compared to nuclear energy cost when things go wrong? The governments and companies concerned don’t take responsibility for problems that may occur if a nuclear reactor does happen to “go wrong”. What would the point be to do so; everyone in close proximity to the reactor will be dead in a short while anyway, so why worry about that problem? Well depending on the weather conditions, a whole lot more people can be dead within hours of a major catastrophe, so accountability could also be out of the window.
Price Comparisons
Even though comparing the fossil fuel to nuclear energy cost against each other, they seem to be about the same. The only advantage is that the nuclear energy cost may be about the same as fossil fuel but the volumes will differ vastly. The output is what is used to compare the prices. So much coal would give the same amount of power as so little Uranium. Unfortunately the Uranium on the planet is also being depleted slowly but surely, even with its long life span of radio activity which is nuclear energy waste after it has been used, and the point of so little is required to make so much power, alternative safer and cleaner methods for power needs to be implemented.
When All Goes Well

If all things run smoothly, not every one worries about the nuclear energy cost, as long as they have power to their homes and businesses, and life just carries on like every other day. Let one little mishap happen, and everyone is up in arms. Knowing about what powers the country is important, especially when safety is an issue. No one can compare the price of lives to the nuclear energy cost to power a country. Do the people in the country have a say what type of energy should be used to power their homes and businesses, or are they too minute to be seen by those conglomerates and in government where they should be working for the better of the nations?

Then again, it doesn’t matter what the man in the street says, as long as the nuclear energy cost is still low and long lasting, and the power generating companies are still making fat profits, the man on the street does not have much of a say at the end of the day. Instead of the world trying to meet demands for power, it needs to curb the population growth, which depletes the planet of all resources on a daily basis.