Nuclear Power Energy – Atomic Power

The time has finally arrived when governments around the globe are apparently trying to avoid the use of fossil and nuclear power energy. Since time began, man has mined the earth of its jewels and started to drain all other resources, and most are now so depleted that alternative methods to even the nuclear power energy are needed.

Coal has been mined for centuries, we see it in the movies how men used to work all day and come home as sick as dogs; pitch black with soot all over them. This is still done today, but since Mother Nature’s resources are running low including Uranium, which is the main source to produce nuclear power energy, the demand for alternative methods for fuel and power has increased dramatically.
What The Scientists Are Up To!
Since this whole debacle of the ozone depleting and the fact of emissions has been punted by scientists around the world that it increases the point of global warming, which we know they have been paid grants to convince us of, they do too try and find alternative methods to generate power.
Alternative Energy Resources
In countries such as Switzerland, which is Eco friendly, the use of fossil fuels is out and nuclear power energy still supplements hydro energy to produce power for the country. The use of wind turbines in the North Sea supplements the usage of unsafe, hazardous nuclear power energy. The use of nuclear power energy is safe, if it is done correctly, unlike with Chernobyl, where a lot of things went wrong as technology may not have allowed for proper intervention at the right time when needed to shut the reactor down due to problems.
Costs Involved
Even though the nuclear energy cost is about the same as fossil fuels do, such as coal, there are benefits. The main benefit is that it takes so little Uranium, compared to coal, to still create power. The downside is that once the energy has been used from the Uranium it has to be buried or stored safely for a very long time for it to deplete its radio activity. Even though the financial cost may seem the same, if things go wrong using this energy source, there is no price tag that can be placed on the damages that it can cause globally. With explosions, and toxic ashes and dust that drift in the winds over seas and continents, not only are the immediate surroundings affected, but wherever the wind blows too leaving deposits of radio active Uranium are gravely affected.