What Are Our Renewable Energy Resources And How Can We Use Them?

Renewable energy resources are becoming and more important as time goes by. Every day we use up more of our natural resources, which means that the price of them goes up as they become harder to find. Many people find themselves increasingly unable to pay their energy bills because of this. Not to mention the fact that once those non- renewable energy resources are gone, they’re gone for good. So people are now turning to renewable energy resources as a way to change their lives, lower their bills and help out the environment, which is suffering because of the overuse of non- renewable energy resources.

What Are Our Resources?

We actually have access to multiple renewable energy resources. Renewable energy resources are any kind of resource that naturally replenishes itself, so that means that renewable energy obtained from resources like the sun, wind, water or even geothermal and biomass resources are all considered “renewable energy sources.”

Biomass renewable energy comes from things like wood and wood waste, solid waste, landfills and biogas. Biomass is basically anything organic that comes from plants or animals. In fact, we used to live off of this kind of renewable energy resource – in the form of wood. People used wood to power 90% of what they needed energy for. As the use of coal and gas expanded, people stopped using it, but now they are turning to it again because it’s a great example of a resource.

Another example of a renewable energy resource is, of course, the sun. Solar power is easy to obtain, store and use – and the best part is, the sun is guaranteed to shine pretty much every day, and even if there’s a day when it doesn’t because of weather, most solar power cells generate so much solar power that you have a few days’ extra no matter what. As a renewable energy resource, it’s one of the best.

Then you have wind power, which is generated when the wind pushes the blades on wind turbines. As a renewable energy resource, it tends to be a bit more unreliable than solar power because the wind doesn’t always blow every day and it doesn’t always blow as hard on certain days. Renewable energy generated from a resource like water is similar to wind energy in that it is also generated by the water’s movement.

Renewable energy resources are definitely our future.