Why Aren’t We Using Renewable Alternative Energy

You’ve heard that fossil fuels may run out one day and not only that but they’re bad for the environment. If everyone agrees on these points, why aren’t we using renewable alterative energy such as solar power and wind power? The answer is that we are using renewable alternative energy. It’s just that it hasn’t reached massive scales as of yet. Some builders are hopping onto the renewable alternative energy bandwagon by creating LEED certified buildings. That stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. And some houses are using solar power so that they don’t need to pay electric companies for the energy they use. However, we are still very dependent on fossil fuels as far as our homes and cars are concerned. We won’t make a full transition to renewable alternative energy until everyone, and that means everyone, is onboard for such a change.

Gas and Oil

There are billions of dollars invested in the gas and oil energy. Gas stations, car manufacturers, farms, buildings, factories, ships, and our military all use fossil fuels. To change that fact would take billions more dollars and it would mean many would be out of a job. A change of that magnitude isn’t going to happen overnight. For us as a society to move to renewable alternative energy we’re going to have to change how we think about energy. Our cars will have to use something other than gas. That means gas stations may have to shut down or change what they offer altogether. The entire gas and oil industry will either shut down or they will change their focus to renewable alternative energy. We’re going to have to move away from nuclear energy which is potentially very dangerous. These are huge changes and it’s going to take a world paradigm shift for us to move towards using energies other than gas and oil.

Start at Home

You can’t wait for the whole world to shift to using renewable alternative energy. Start at home by using solar energy instead of paying the electric company. Switch to an electric provider that uses renewable alternative energy. Make donations to companies dedicated to this cause. Beyond using renewable alternative energy, educate everyone you know about using these types of energies instead of relying so much on fossil fuels. If everyone did this, the world would make the transition sooner and the world would be a better place. So do your part starting now to move to renewable alternative energy instead of relying so much on energy that takes centuries to produce and will run out before we know it.