A List Of The Top 10 Work From Home Jobs

Working from home can be very beneficial. For many people it is easier, more enjoyable and much more convenient. You can get a better idea of whether the work at home idea is right for you and even what sort of training you will need to get before applying. The number ten spot is taken by the franchise owner position which is good as well as bad.

This position is in demand online right now but can also be one of the most problematic positions to seek out. They will be nothing more than a waste of your time and you could even end up putting yourself out money. There are some legit franchise owner opportunities so just use common sense and keep your scam-detection radar on high. Writers and editors tie for number nine, as companies are always looking for writers and editors for a variety of purposes.

Companies are always looking to hire writers and editors whether it is for web content, recipe writing, children-s book editing or any other purpose. That leads us into number eight which is the teacher position. Technology is so advanced today that teachers are actually able to complete classes with groups of students completely online. Travel agents are also sought after and come in at the number seven spot on the list.

Technical support specialists come in at number six, and these are people called when someone is experiencing technical difficulty with something. Call center representative follows this and is similar but different in that rather than dealing with technical support issues this is more about customer service. Call center representatives also make the list and you can either work online or just using your home phone, it changes from one position to the next. Three is the translator, a position that can be used for a number of different purposes.

If you are a translator working from home you may be asked to do anything from translate different audio files to give language lessons to children in China. Medical transcriptionists work hard and this demanding job is number two on the top 10 work from home jobs list. The virtual assistant position is the job that tops the list of the top 10 work from home jobs. This job entails all the administrative work of a regular secretary online is performed online.