Conducting a Job Interview 101: What to Know to Get the Job

Intimidation is the first thing that comes to mind for many who go on a lot of job interviews while unemployed. There are so many different kinds of questions that can be asked that it is hard to stay focused and confident in the situation at hand. The best way to go about preparing is to make sure you have a good overall knowledge of the kinds of questions asked when conducting a job interview. This little step can help to prepare you far more than those around you who are going for the same job as you are.

What you want to do is to come up with a long list of all the questions you can fathom being asked at a job interview, including ones you don’t think are very important. These can be things you know you have been asked before and things you feel should or could be asked but you haven’t been asked yet. Make a list of at least 50 questions you think a person conducting a job interview could come up with to ask, and jot down the possible reason for the questions because this will help you prepare the right answers. Remember that the more you prepare the better off you will be so don’t worry about going overboard.

Doing some research is the first step before creating your actual list because this way you can figure out the target job, questions and interview information you need to get ahead of the competition. Simple questions are sometimes the most important so do not overlook these when practicing for the big interview! You have to remember that you usually only have 1 shot to impress the person conducting the job interview so getting the answers right the first time is imperative.

Practice your questions by answering them in more than one way, then determining which is the easiest and most direct way to answer the question without confusion or doubt. Your motivation, creativity and self esteem all play a major role in your success in job interviews so coming across strong knowledgeable and experienced is more important than ever. In fact make sure you are fully aware of the qualifications needed when going on a job interview because there is a good chance the questions will be based around the job.