How to Answer Tough Interview Questions

Finding a job in these tough times can be a chore. Job hunting can always be really stressful. Fear of the unknown is common all the way up till the time of the interview. Looking professional and having an out of sight resume however does not ready you for tough interview questions.

First of all is the question “Tell Me about Yourself”? This is a tough one because it is so open ended. This is not the time to talk about hobbies and family. Use this opportunity to discuss your experience and accomplishments. Stay relevant to the position you are competing for.

Then always comes the question “Why Should I Hire You”? The easy answer is because you are the best person for the job. Show your credence in yourself and what you can offer the company. A job interview is the perfect time to showcase your talents. Tell your prospective employer about what sets you apart from the other candidates.

And of course you cannot forget “What is Your Greatest Weakness”? This is the question that might very well be the hardest to answer. The most common mistake that most candidates make is taking a constructive aspect and trying to turn it into a weakness. For example, working too hard or too much is not a weakness and turning it around to look like a weakness defeats the whole purpose of the question. Be forthright about what you perceive as a weakness and how you are addressing it and trying to conquer this weakness. This shows willingness to grow and honesty is definitely an asset to any company.

“Are You a Team Player” is yet another potential employees cannot escape. This question is often viewed as a simple yes/no question. The obvious answer is yes prepare some passionate examples of how being a team player has made you successful. Discuss how working as part of a team with others has helped you in work or school. This question often leads to questions about how you deal with conflict and resolution in the workplace, so be prepared for that.

Maybe one of the hardest questions to answer is “How Do You Handle Conflict with a Supervisor”? This is always a tough question to answer. The most obvious tactic is to avoid any conflict but this is also the chance to showcase your coping skills. Discuss having a constructive conversation with your supervisor. Perhaps the most important thing that your prospective employer may be looking for is that you will not cause a scene and that you don’t have a problem with authority.