Chef Knives 101

Chef knives makes a kitchen feel whole. Chef knives come in different variations that accomplish different tasks. But there are some chef knives that can accomplish different tasks. Whatever chef knife you use, what is important here is the sharpness of the blade. Dull chef knives may slip from the user’s hand and cut him/her.

Chef knives are a crowd favorite due it is all around features. Chef knives can go up to 8 inches long and is fairly heavy. Chef knives are for cutting meat to mincing onions. The blade of chef knives are also strong making it ideal for chopping tasks. This type of knife will make an otherwise tedious kitchen job very easy.

Asian or Japanese chef knives is becoming a favorite among chefs. Japanese chef knives are famous for their being very sharp. Chefs and cooks will rave about Japanese kitchen knives. Japanese chef knives are slightly curved with a broad blade. While slicing and dicing, you can rock the blade. Japanese chef knives have clearer cutting capabilities due to its hollow ground.

Nakiri is another Asian chef knife that has a growing fan base. This type of chef knife has a very unusual “D” shape which makes it great for small hands and so as to not let the knife twist during usage. Just like any other chef knives, this blade should be handled with care.

Hand wash is better for chef knives than dish washed. Choosing a chef knife is just feeling which one works for you best and allows you to unleash the chef in you.