Read A Mafia Wars Review: What Makes The Game So Great?

There are some avid gamers out there who wait anxiously for new games to come out. By reading a review of a game you get the chance to see what other players just like you have to say about the game and decide whether or not you think it’s the type of game you would enjoy. The Mafia Wars game is a relatively new one. To better decide whether or not you think you would enjoy this game, it would be a good idea to read through a Mafia Wars review or two.

Overall the Mafia Wars reviews are incredibly positive. There are a few reasons for this, one being that the game is such a thrill and offers such excitement. If you’re like so many gamers out there who love a good time when playing your video games, Mafia Wars is a great choice for you. Another reason Mafia Wars reviews tend to be so good is because you get a lot of variety when playing the game.

For one thing you can choose between a few different players rather than having to stick one for the full duration of the game. This role playing game has you starting off as a gangster in New York. The main goal of the game is for you to make your way across the United States and put together your own mafia as you go along. You get to cause a lot of mayhem and destruction along the way and some reviewers feel that Mafia Wars is most similar to the Grand Theft Auto series of games.

Most of the time a Mafia Wars review will bring up the fact of how many great cheats and codes there are that can be used in the game. It takes focus and strategy to come out on top and win the game. Players also enjoy this game because of how many cheat codes are available to use which can either make the gamer easier or more difficult. You can even find complete strategy guides in books and online.

Especially considering that there are nearly one hundred new games released every year, it’s easy to see how challenging it can be to decide which games to test out or buy. It’s easy to see after reading even just a few Mafia Wars reviews just how popular this game really is. It’s different than other games out there and really offers a challenge to the average gamer. Often time in video game stores there will be video machines set up that you can try out to get a better idea on the game before spending any money on it.